Straits Cafe: Buffet guide for Durian and Seafood fans.

Located right in the heart of town and surrounded by threatening ERP gantries, this outlet is best reached by public transport. Spare yourself the heart-wrenching blips on the grey device which magically takes spare change from you, and take a short stroll to and from the MRT station to earn all those calories you are going to pile up. For walk-ins, grab a seat before 1pm, as office workers start to come in and fill the tables around lunchtime. Tai-tais and the odd family with young children could be seen enjoying a selection of dishes from pork knuckles, sashimi, popiah to fresh seafood…

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Morganfields: Fork-tender ribs, BBQ ribs & more hearty ribs!

Centrally located in Suntec City, this gem for meat lovers is located on the first floor. A place for people of all ages, it is also great for all occasions. A family-friendly restaurant where kids under 8 years or below 120cm eat for free, parents will be relieved to have a day-off cooking while enjoying a reasonably-priced meal out. Friends can make fun of each other’s eating habits over this messy meal. If you can resist just digging into the ribs with your hands, you can bond with your colleagues over hearty food. As photos speak more than words, let’s see if the ribs can convince you to pay them a visit!

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One Penny Red: Romantic night

One Penny Red was tucked in a little corner in Summer Hill, NSW. The small restaurant is housed in a old red brick heritage-listed and had an old life as a post office. We were the first customers for dinner and the staff were extremely attentive to our needs and were happy to answer any questions about their dishes. The dinner crowd slowly started to stream in after 6.30pm and filled up almost all the tables. The tables seat around 30 people, and the place is simply decorated with wooden furniture and many bottles of wines on the shelves and walls.

While waiting for our meal, we were given some light brown salted chickpeas to start us off. It was too salty for my liking, but I loved the light crunch and was hooked. The ones I have tried to make either ended up crispy but with a hard bite at the end or did not turn out crispy at all. You will definitely end up wishing there was more than a small dish.

Our first dish was the Salt Cod Fritters ($14). The 6 pieces were perfectly browned and crispy on the outside, and the fish flakes were moist and just packed together nicely without being squashed. It was accompanied with a huge bowl of chilli mayo which I happily wiped up with my bread from the second dish.

The second dish was seafood chowder ($18) which they separated into two bowls for us. Two clams decorated the top of each bowl and one of the clams had not opened its shell so we gave up trying to eat all the meat out of the shell. The thin and creamy soup tasted more like onion soup and also had a lot of onion bits inside. Nonetheless it was still satisfying warm, especially on a cold winter’s night, and I soaked up as much as I could with my slice of bread.

The pork belly and cuttlefish salad ($25) was light and a good balance between the vegetables (fennel, radish, green apple and cucumber and meat. When we ordered, we had expected a chunk or pork belly with cuttlefish salad as a side, but looking at how we overestimated our appetites it was a good thing there was less meat than expected. The cuttlefish was lightly grilled with lots of butter. The pork belly slices were huge and the fat just melted in your mouth.

Our last dish was a generous serving of nicely browned spatchcock ($28). The display was very pretty with the nicely chopped spatchcock portions laid over a bed of parsnip puree and topped off with brussel sprouts. The meat was tender but the meat was slightly pink at the bone, and could have been cooked longer. It was also a little challenging to cleanly slice the meat away from the bones and I was very tempted to just pick the whole drumstick with my fingers and just rip the meat away from the bone. The parsnip puree was light and creamy and I would love to try making this as an alternative to potato mash.

At the end of the meal we were stuffed and had no more room for dessert. The waitress highly recommends the banands and salted caramel beignet souffle served with chocolate fudge sauce ($14), so if you do fancy some dessert and order that, do let me know how you liked it! They also have a “Trust the Chef” option which lets you and your dinner companions enjoy a four course meal at a fixed price head, so if you can’t make up your mind over what to order, that might be a good way to go.

Woori-Nara: Free refills of the best Ginseng Chicken Soup

Studying at Ngee Ann Poly or working in the Beauty World Area and need a lunch or dinner hangout? Woori-Nara is located along the hidden Lor Kilat stretch along with other eateries like Kim’s Family Restaurant, Udders Ice Cream, and Carpenter & Cook.  Their banchan is delicious, and be entertained by a makeshift TV wall featuring various Korean MVs. With the Beauty World station now opened, there’s no better time for strangers to come explore and have some yummy food while you’re at it.

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Khansama Tandoori Restaurant: Luscious curries for strong bellies

About 10 minutes walk from Rochor, Little India, or Farrer Park Station, this Punjabi establishment is easily accessible by public transport. Drivers who relish the challenge of parallel parking while pedestrians walk right into you or are indifferent about passerbys using your shiny vehicle as a leaning post can drop by in their cars too.  Come in big groups so you can enjoy a larger selection of curries – you’re be hard pressed to pick a favourite!

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Swee Choon: Fast food after a long wait

12am and don’t fill like cooking a meal and yearning for more than a cup of instant noodles? Fulfill those hunger pangs or sudden cravings for Dim Sum even in the most ungodly hours of the morning by carpooling with your family or friends to Swee Choon! The restaurant serves all the local nocturnal omnivores from 6pm to 6am.

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SWAG: Leave even the skeptical salad eaters satisfied

SWAG: Salads, Wraps and Greens. Choose from their signature salads or customise your own. The small outlet fits about 15 people and is conveniently located for the Tai Seng office folks at The Commerze building, a 5 minute walk from the MRT. For others who have never even heard of Tai Seng or even know that Tai Seng mrt is along the circle line, it’s pretty out of the way unless you’re planning a food hop around the area (list of food coming soon!)

Best to come by if you’re visiting a colleague or friend for lunch, or if you’re working in the area. Prepare to have a surprisingly hearty meal of fresh greens and maybe try some of their tasty pumpkin soup!

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